Why Pay Recruiter Fees?

Why Pay Recruiter Fees? This is a question that comes up occasionally, so we at Accent Professional Recruiting felt it time to explain to both clients and candidates the purpose or recruitment fees. We are in a service oriented business that operates much like the real estate

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How to Select a Recruitment Firm

How to Select a Recruitment Firm Selecting just the right recruitment firm can mean the difference between time spent with qualified candidates or time wasted with unqualified ones. And it will be the reason you find just the right person for the job! Here are some suggestions:

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Why Job Training is So Important

Why Job Training is So Important It is crucial for any new employee to receive training upon hire. It doesn’t need to be a formalized week long classroom situation.  It can simply be one-on-one training with your new boss, shadowing a successful rep in another territory, webinars

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Overqualified? Take Another Look…

Overqualified? Take Another Look… Kerry, a tenured sales executive, was actively looking for a new sales position and wanted our help.  She explained, “…hiring managers keep turning me away, explaining I’m “over qualified.”  She had been searching on her own for months and turned to Accent Professional

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