Success Story: The “Iron-Clad” Non-Compete Agreement

handshakeAn account executive had a very strong candidate, Ryan, who found himself in a sales position where there was no room for growth within his company. He was “stuck” due to his non-compete. Ryan was consistently well over 100% of all goals, winning sales awards, trips and incentive bonuses. To an outsider, it looked like he had it pretty good.

But Ryan wanted more.

He wanted a chance for advancement within his organization, and there was none. Ryan started to put his feelers out to look at other positions with other companies. Problem was that he was really good at what he did and liked it. Ryan did not want to change to a new industry.

He applied to several companies, but couldn’t get far in the interview process due to his non-compete. No company was willing to take him on.

When I first spoke with Ryan about a new sales opportunity, he was very excited. He was very familiar with the company and said he would like to be a part of their organization. He was apprehensive, though, for fear he would get his hopes up, then be let down again due to the non-compete issue. I told him if he didn’t at least meet with them, there was no chance of working there.

The Sales Manager really liked Ryan and ultimately made him a verbal job offer. The non-compete issue came back up. HR needed to review it in detail prior to his official written offer. It took weeks for approval from HR. Ryan started to think he was not going to have the opportunity to be their next sales superstar.

Then, the job offer then came through! He had finally been given the opportunity to be successful in his career niche with a company where he could grow!

The moral of the story? Don’t shut a door before it is open. If Ryan hadn’t pursued the new sales opportunity, he would still be “stuck” in his old, unfulfilling position.

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