4 Things Successful People Do During Lunch

You may think of lunch as a just time to take a break in the middle of your work day, socialize with co-workers, or to chat by phone with a friend. Turns out, you could be using that time to further advance your career.

Even in these less significant portions of our day, there are opportunities to complete small tasks that may contribute to your productivity and success in the workplace.

If you are looking to get ahead at your office, check out these 5 small things successful people do during lunch that helped contribute to their success.

1. Network

This may seem obvious, but on most days people just eat lunch with the same group of coworkers. While it is nice to catch up and have a laugh with friends, it is also important to get to know others (new people, subordinates as well as upper management) and learn about who they are and how they contribute to the company. Networking can lead you to increasing your circle of connections at work. (Remember, one day that person you befriended could get promoted within the company and offer you an amazing position!)

2. Read

We know reading will expand our knowledge base as well as how we think and understand problems. Although many people claim to either not have the time to read or find another more amusing form of entertainment, it is important to continue reading in order to grow fundamentally. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, last year his New Year’s resolution was to read more. He read books from various genres and authors promoting different cultures, ideas, and beliefs. He expressed that reading has helped him understand how to better improve Facebook. Perhaps, start by reading industry articles to stay updated on the latest news within your field.

3. Work Out

Many successful people actually work out during their lunch hour. Due to the difficulty of timing when it comes to trying to fit in the gym before or after work, why not do it in the middle of the day? A quick 30-minute workout followed by 30 minutes to freshen up post-workout means you’re back at your desk by the time everyone else has finished their lunch. A short workout is better than no workout!

4. Plan Your Career

Since you are already at work, you’re in the perfect environment to be thinking about your career. Why not decide what your goals are and map out how to accomplish them? Successful people like Oprah Winfrey keep a detailed journal about how they plan to accomplish their goals. Organizing these ideas into a plan of action can take you from living your life day-to-day to living life more intentionally with your own aspirations in mind.

These are just a few things that some of the most successful people do every day to grow and move closer to their goals.

Why not start today?