Another Successful Hire! Account Executive

iStock_000011075682I initially interviewed Greg in 2007. At that time, he resided in Maryland. We remained in touch, and he let me know when he and his family moved from Maryland to the southwestern, mid-Atlantic region.

I doubted we would be able to assist him with employment in this more remote area. Five years later, I happened to have an opportunity in that region. Though he was already employed, Greg was open to hearing about this regional Account Executive position because he did not see himself with the same company, in the same industry long term.

We discussed this client, as well as the role, goals, and expectations of the job opportunity with this global firm. The company interviewed Greg, offered him the position, and he started at the end of the next month.

There is so much power in relationships and networking. It had been five years since I had worked with Greg, but he kept in contact. When I did find a job opportunity that was a good fit for him, he still had access to it because of the networking relationship we maintained. Never underestimate your ability to create a strong business network. You never know how or when your relationships with others will come back to help you.

Way to go Greg!