Another Successful Hire!

businesswomanThe moral of the story is…. Don’t judge a book by its cover

We’ve heard it all…. “I don’t want to hire someone unemployed”, “there is a reason they are not working”, “if they are not currently employed, they must have terrible sales number and was let go as a result”. WRONG.

Case in point:

A global medical products firm began their interview process through Accent Professional Recruiting in November. They only wanted to see our top sales candidates. You know, great track record, stability, history of success and achievements.

Included in the mix was Tyler. He was unemployed as a result of company wide downsizing, but offered five years of sales experience with his most recent employer. Tyler also has a record of achievement with documentation as well as testimonials. He clearly was the underdog out of the handful of candidates presented.

Tyler interviewed and made it to round number two, one of three finalists. Next step was the field ride. Tyler was on standby, as he was one of two at this point moving forward. Who was his competition? A successful, experienced medical sales professional. Clearly, we knew who would logically get the offer, yet….

Tyler gave it his best. He did great on his field ride, impressing the company trainer. He impressed the management team at corporate during his final interview, and was subsequently offered the job!

Why did Tyler get the job?

Tyler never gave up hope. He presented his ability and willingness to learn with enthusiasm, knowing he was the underdog. He was absolutely thrilled when offered the position!

The moral to this story

Don’t judge a book by its cover.