Recruiting talent has a whole new look post COVID-19. Have your job ads stood the test of a pandemic?

The needs and expectations of hiring managers have evolved right along with what candidates are looking for since the start of COVID-19. Attracting the right candidate begins with a job description that speaks not only to what you are looking for from a job skills perspective, but also what a candidate can expect in terms of their work environment (in-office, remote or hybrid), as well as other elements of your corporate culture. With so many companies able to continue remote-work scenarios, candidates are able to expand their geographical search – and so your competition expands well beyond what you’d have previously considered.

Accent Recruiting | Job Posting on clipboard in front of computer

With all that in mind, here are the key elements you should include when creating the perfect job description in 2021.

  • Job Title/Position – This is the first piece of information a candidate sees.
  • Qualifications – Necessary skills, knowledge, educational background, languages, previous employment history, or training required.
  • Department within the Company – Gives candidate an idea of where he/she would be in the company’s structure.
  • Job Location – Is this position an in-office, at-home or a hybrid situation. For management positions, it would be helpful to note the expectations of the individual as a leader and if those are different expectations from direct reports.
  • To Whom the Candidate Will Report – Allows a candidate to understand relationships for the position, can also include who would be reporting to the person in the Job Title/Position.
  • Short Summary ­– Two to three sentences highlighting the function of the position within the organization, as well as, the position’s main responsibilities.
  • Bullet Points of Major Functions – Very detailed list of all possible functions pertaining to the position, can also mention how often each duty is performed, as well as, what percentage of estimated time the candidate will spend performing each duty.
  • Whether the List of Job Duties is Exhaustive or Not – Informs a candidate that there may be additional functions not specifically included in this job description.
  • Corporate Culture – How have you adapted to support leaders and team members during the last year? This can become a powerful differentiator as you compete with others for similar positions and interested candidates.

Even in a “normal” year, crafting a strong job description and job ad that attracts talent and sets you apart can be challenging. If you are still unsure if your job description perfectly reflects the needs of the position you’re recruiting for, feel free to contact us. We are here to become your partner in building a team of leaders and doers to help you reach your goals!