Building a Great Relationship with Your Job Recruiter

references-300x200It is vital that you connect with a job recruiter to assist you with your next job search.  Why, you ask? Let’s cut to the chase.

Here are 3 reasons you MUST have a good relationship with your job recruiter:

  1. Recruiters offer direct introductions to hiring managers.  How many times have you applied to the “black hole” of online applications?  Do you know if anyone has even seen your resume?  Do you get a response?
  2. Your recruiter will be aware of career opportunities that you will never see on the job boards or hear about otherwise. This could be due to confidential replacement, promotion or termination of employee, newly created role, and such.
  3. Guidance throughout entire interview process.  Your recruiter is your biggest fan and should be there every step of the way, providing feedback, helpful tips, discuss any concerns that have been raised, overcoming client objections, and coaching through the offer, negotiation, and acceptance stage.

The key is to find the right job recruiter.

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