How to Pick the Right Recruiting Partner

Recruitment agencies and specialists are not a one-size-serves-all clients solution. Generally, recruiters specialize in a specific industry or even a particular discipline.

Just as you would not go to an ENT Specialist for a broken arm, it wouldn’t be a good fit to approach a sales recruitment firm for an IT role.

Our Areas of Expertise

Accent Professional Recruiting has a history of results in sales, marketing and C-level management recruiting. Our primary industries include:

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Building Products and Construction

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Packaging and Supply Chain

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HVAC and Energy Services

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Professional Services

What to Expect

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Our Process

As our client, the Accent team prides ourselves on taking the time to understand the requirements of your job opening, as well as the culture of your organization.

We interview candidates and evaluate based on professionalism, skills, successes, presentation, and communication. We also offer personality and skills assessments and the opportunity for clients to see recorded video interviews.

The Power of a Database

In addition to consistently recruiting new candidates for our clients, Accent maintains an extensive database of pre-qualified candidates who have asked to be made aware of new opportunities.

As many managers may already realize, the best candidates are typically not those actively seeking another opportunity!

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Ready to get started?

We offer a variety of packages that range from traditional contingency searches, exclusive search and retained search options. We will work with you to determine the type of search that will best meet your needs!

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Accent Your Experience

As a client, you will also benefit from a variety of resources and network connections to accent your recruiting experience. Here’s a sampling of the value-added services we have to offer:

Optimizing Your Job Advertisement

What candidates are looking for has changed. Is your job ad working for you?

Personality & Skills Assessments

Does a candidate have the experience and qualifications needed AND the personality to fit your culture?

Industry HR & Compensation Trends

We’re tracking the last trends in employee perks and compensation. How do you compare?

Sales Team Training Experts

Get connected to a team of experts in sales team training to jumpstart productivity.

Employment Law Consulting

Employment law is complex. Benefit from Accent vetted consultants.

Business Networking Organizations

It pays to network. We can help connect you to the right networking organizations to benefit your business.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Looking to take your business to the next level? Get access to our network of coaches and mentors.

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From how to write a job ad to the art of negotiating your salary, we love to share our expertise. Read on for recruiting tips and tricks.

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