Having served the business community for 40 years, Accent has consistently provided its clients with highly qualified employees in a professional and responsive manner.

Each candidate is personally interviewed, geographic proximity allowing. We also strive to meet with all of our clients to remain abreast of their needs and changes that may be taking place within their organization.

The candidates are scrutinized with regard to their credentials and ability to do what they say they can do. They will be evaluated for their professionalism, skills, successes, presentation, and communication skills. We would like to see a brag book or portfolio where necessary and at a minimum, letters of recommendation. Being that “numbers” are very important in determine the success of a sales professional, we will ask for any rankings, contests, “President’s Club” awards and such to prove their prior successes.

Every effort is made to refer only those candidates who will fit with our clients’ “business chemistry”. Herein lies the Recruiter’s talent.  As we state to both our clients as well as candidates, it is just as important to find a candidate with a successful sales history as it is to find the right culture fit for both.  In addition to consistently recruiting new candidates for our clients, Accent maintains an extensive data base of pre-qualified candidates who have asked to be made aware of new opportunities. As any hiring manager may already realize, the best candidates are typically not those actively seeking another opportunity.  These “passive” candidates are utilizing the services of a recruiter to be their “eyes and ears”.   They do not have the time to seek various job boards or network.  In addition, they are not going to put their current employment situation in jeopardy.

Accent Professional Recruiting typical Candidates meet the following criteria:


  • Four year degree (many of our Candidates have an advanced degree or a professional designation).
  • Have shown excellent job stability (less than three jobs in the past ten years) and steady career advancement
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Professional representation.
  • Are motivated to make a career change.
  • Are realistic in their expectations.
  • Offer a brag book and/or letters of recommendation to substantiate their qualifications.

Fees and Search Types:

Many of our clients have been faced with economic challenges in past few years.  While companies must maintain exposure in the market, there is a balance of retaining the best employees, yet have enough “hunters” on board to develop new business.  We understand these challenges and are offering the following options:

  • Contract – Ideal situation for non-revenue producing positions, yet support is needed.  No risk, competitive rates.
  • Traditional Contingency Search and Recruiting method.
  • Retained Search: Accent Professional Recruiting fees are based on a percentage of the successful Candidates first year compensation. We offer the following search options: Contingent Search, Exclusive Search, and Retained Search. In addition, we offer both permanent placement as well as contract to perm. For more information about Accent’s fees and which search type may be most appropriate for your needs, please contact us at or directly at 804-359-9416.