Confident vs Arrogant

confidentOne of the most important attributes a sales person can possess is confidence; however, when confidence comes across as arrogance, it can quickly backfire.

Recently, a sales candidate explained that he was looking for a new role and needed our assistance. His first line was “Aren’t you lucky you took my call?” The conversation didn’t get much better. My impression was, if he speaks like this with me, what would he say in an interview or on a sales call? At that point, I knew I would have a hard time representing this individual.

Confidence can demonstrate a wealth of positive traits to a recruiter or potential employer. It means you trust yourself and your skill set. Confidence generally makes you appear more articulate and congenial, and it demonstrates that you can communicate and work well with others.

Arrogance, on the other hand, is a red-flag that a potential employee or candidate may not be a team player. Over-confidence and arrogance look a lot like entitlement and, in the job hunt, it’s unbecoming for a candidate to appear as if they expect jobs to be handed to them, or as if they are doing employers a favor by interviewing.

Every sales person should remember that first impressions are of utmost importance. It is great to come across as confident in yourself and your abilities, but arrogance is a quick turnoff.