Don’t Get Discouraged When Unexpected Things Occur…Even During a Job Interview!

interviewpicSarah was so excited because she was interviewing for a new job.  She called me the day before to thank me again for setting up the opportunity and to assure me she was prepared.

Sarah had researched the company, the people she would be meeting with, made a list of questions and had extra copies of her resume.  I wished her good luck and reminded her to call me afterwards to tell me how it went.

I was so happy for Sarah, she certainly had worked hard to get here. The next day I was watching the clock with anticipation for her call after her interview.  When I didn’t hear from her right away I called Sarah but had to leave her a message.


She called me back later that afternoon, and sounded disappointed. Concerned, I asked Sarah to tell me about her interview….from the initial introductions to the closing.

She explained how nice everyone was, but they never talked about the company, they discussed the role briefly, however, most of the questions were about her husband, where he works, her family and what they like to do in their free time.  Sarah left thinking they were not interested and felt very discouraged.  She thought the interview would be more structured around the position and a company discussion.

I explained all companies and hiring managers are not the same.  Some like to learn more about their candidates and never-the-less, I would follow up and provide her with feedback.   Sarah was still very excited about the opportunity, despite feeling discouraged about the interview.


After speaking directly with the hiring manager, I learned Sarah was their lead candidate and with her prior work experience they knew she could do the work, they were more concerned with her being a culture fit with the team and the organization.  Shortly after the initial meeting, Sarah was invited back for another interview and was later offered the job!

So always remember to be flexible and stay positive. What you take away from the meeting may not be what actually transpired!