What to Do on Facebook When Looking for a Job

While you are looking and interviewing for a new job it is extremely important to remember that your online presence matters. Recruiters are constantly searching online for information on candidates. Whether they are looking for potential new candidates to fill vacant positions or looking up the social media presence of a candidate they are considering hiring, what you are doing online is a reflection of you.

If you are currently looking for a job, here are some Facebook tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Badmouth About Any Employer

Complaining about your current boss’s bad habits or how the company doesn’t appreciate you is not going to be your best use of social media. To a potential employer, red flags pop up. If they hire you, will you do the same thing to them? Employers want to hire people enthusiastic about their lives, not people who vent on social media. Even speaking about past employers is a bad idea, it’s best to just not post anything negative, especially in regards to any employer you’ve had.

Keep Your Profile Clean!

We cannot stress this enough, even though it has been said time and time again. Don’t post any pictures in poor taste that don’t show you or others in a good light. And remove the tags in inappropriate photos your friends may have posted of you (you can also change the setting so others can’t tag you). On Facebook your image matters, especially to employers. You want your professionalism in an interview to trace back to a clean and appropriate Facebook profile.

Use Friend Lists

If you have items you’d like to post and you aren’t sure if they are questionable or not, best thing is to err on the side of caution and not post them. However, if you must, create a friend list on Facebook (see here!) and put all the friends you want to post it to on this list. Then, when you write your post, only publish it to that list (please note that you have no control over who might share it).

Even though Facebook isn’t considered the “professional” social media, it still matters for your professional life. Employers are constantly searching various social media platforms for candidates, and you want to be able to give them consistency of who you really are and why they should hire you. Stay positive online and take care of your profile today and look forward to that better position tomorrow!