Five Traits of the “Perfect Sales Candidate”

As a hiring manager or recruiter looking to add a new sales candidate to your team, you will soon be facing several applications and prospective interviews lining up at your office! When looking to hire a new individual for a sales position, experience shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when selecting a new hire. Check off these five traits that make the “Perfect Sales Candidate” to represent your organization:

1. Engaging personality. As an individual working in sales, it is critical to have an outgoing and engaging personality to see a transaction through. Since sales candidates will have the opportunity to work with clients face-to-face, it is important for these individuals to not be timid or afraid to talk to strangers. Being an engaging and charismatic individual is a trait that cannot be learned easily, but the absence of this ability can negatively affect your company’s sales goals as well as image. The “Perfect Sales Candidate” should be confident and have the capacity to engage with a customer about the product or service in a friendly and memorable way to make the greatest impression.

2. Ability to connect with others. A great sales candidate will have the ability to connect with others quickly and easily. Connecting is different from engaging as it involves being able to read a customer’s body language/persona while utilizing these signals throughout the course of communication. Asking questions (being curious about the potential customer) and being able to put others at ease is incredibly valuable when gaining trust between the client and sales rep.

3. High adaptability. It’s no secret that sales candidates hear “No.” more than once in their careers, so it’s important to find a potential candidate who doesn’t take “No.” personally. A great sales candidate will continue to have the same enthusiasm for new customers even if they have been previously declined by others. This trait ensures that your new sales candidate will continue to search for new leads no matter what.

4. High drive and competitiveness. “The Perfect Sales Candidate” will possess a relentless ability to find the next sale. However, high-drive may be hard to see right away during a conversation or at an interview. To hone in on this trait, try having a potential sales candidate share stories or examples of past sales or experiences that highlights their work ethic and successes.

5. Willingness and openness to learning. A new candidate should be a good and absorbing listener who is willing to learn about new customers and their needs. Being attentive to clients and learning about their personalities and company’s values will help enable a sales representative to connect with them easier. If a sales strategy did not work, you will want a sales candidate who is willing to learn from mistakes, accept responsibility, and to make necessary changes in the future.

We hope you have great success with finding your next sales candidate superstar! If you have any questions about recruiting or hiring sales candidates, please contact us at Accent Professional Recruiting today!