Four Ways to Stand Out With Your Cover Letter


Cover letters may seem a little old fashioned in today’s application process, but if utilized properly as an opportunity to introduce yourself and showcase your skill sets- it could help you land an interview!  Cover letters are the perfect way to share your professionalism, likeability, and how you could be the perfect fit for a new position.  Here are four ways to shine with your cover letter:

Share your passion about the company or position you are applying for.  Remember, that the whole basis of the application process is to impress hiring managers and leaders and show them that you will be a great fit for their company!  Start by researching the company’s values, mission, and goals and make a list of these items that you connect with.  Management loves to hear how great their organization is, so sharing that you can be as passionate about it as they are is an outstanding way to grab a recruiter’s attention.  Researching about a company’s mission and values will not only help when writing your cover letter, but it will also educate you more about the organization if you land an interview.

Outline your skill set that applies to the position.  Here is your chance to let a hiring manager know the skills and qualifications you possess that match the position you’re seeking.  Instead of listing your abilities, share a story or give an example as to how your skills will look like when put into action.

Include a testimonial.  Do you have a happy client or past employer?  Share a testimonial that highlights your work ethic and professionalism to add a unique element to your cover letter!  A quote or testimonial can be added to the bottom of your letter as a last reminder that you not only have the ability to perform at the open position, but that you have people that appreciate your work in previous organizations!

Address your cover letter to an individual, not the company.  Take the time to research who your cover letter and resume will be read by and address your letter specifically to them!  If you are unsure who the hiring manager is, try searching for their information on the company’s website or on LinkedIn to find a point of contact.  This small detail can make a great first impression at the very beginning of your cover letter.

Keep in mind that a cover letter is your opportunity to share your friendliness, ability to organize and your attributes that relate to the position.  And be sure to be as professional as possible while giving hiring managers an insight into what to expect from an interview!  Good luck!