job offerHow to Decline a Job Offer the Right Way

We recently had encountered an interesting situation that we would like to share: one of our sales candidates received an offer after completing several steps in the interview process with us. Our relationship as his sales recruiter was off to a great start – excellent communication, genuine interest in the role he was interviewing for, and had returned calls in a timely manner to follow-up…until the offer.

As a sales professional interviewing for a regional sales manager role, this candidate was offered a lower compensation than we initially anticipated. Without any warning, the sales candidate declined the offer without offering a counter compensation or shared communication with the individual’s sales recruiter. Calls and emails had not been returned from the sales recruiter or the client. When this particular sales candidate finally voiced their concerns, we then encouraged him to counter the compensation offer. Unfortunately, the manner of this individual’s communication was less than professional and consequently offended the client. This sales candidate’s lack of professionalism cost him an opportunity that could have been negotiated. The terms that both the sale’s candidate and client had discussed were ultimately withdrawn, and a better suited candidate was hired.

Moral of the story: Speak with your sales recruiter, as they have strong relationships with their clients and are able to negotiate on your behalf if you are not confident enough to negotiate job offers. Be humble, not cocky, and avoid burning any bridges!