Interview Preparation

handshakeThe cardinal rule for interview preparedness is to never, ever, ever walk into a sales job interview empty handed.

If you come to the interview without your résumé, you run the risk of looking unprepared. It’s also a good idea to bring something with which to take notes on, even if it’s only a small notepad. This shows your interest in the role and/or company.

The hiring manager is not only interviewing you, but he is also learning how you are on a sales call. Always be prepared by having a hard copy of your résumé, a notebook or notepad, and a pen, with you on your sales interview.

You’ll also want to have a pre-prepared list of questions and points you wish to relay. Know what you want to talk about, or highlight, about yourself and your qualifications, and make sure you have a few good questions to ask the hiring manager at the end of your sales interview. Asking good questions shows your engagement and genuine interest in working with the interviewing company, which can give you a leg up on other applicants.