Interview Questions for Sales and Account Executive Candidates

trio3You may be considering a New Years resolution by starting a career search for that perfect Sales or Account Executive job opportunity. While interviewing, it is best to follow a few guidelines regarding the do’s and don’ts of interview questions.

  1. Don’t ask about money. Not at the first interview. Make a good impression first. Bring it up if you are asked back for a second interview. The exception? – If the company you are interviewing with brings compensation up first.

  2. Don’t bad mouth any previous employer or client. If you bad talk anyone, the interviewer will be wondering, what will you say of company you are interviewing with? What does it say about your personal character?

  3. DO remain positive, upbeat, share your successes and work history. Explain briefly your achievements and recognition. Be sure to bring your brag book. Come prepared!

  4. DO keep your reason for looking for a new job short and to a minimum. There is no need to go into any lengthy explanations on why you want to move on.

  5. DO ask about the sales territory, weekly, monthly, annual expectations, why the sales role is open, training, ramp up period, culture and tenure of sales team. You may also ask about the sales cycle, type of clients and vertical markets they sell to.

  6. DO ask questions about the company products or services. Let them know you did your homework and that you want to know more.

  7. DON’T talk too much! Let there be a two way conversation.

We would love to hear any additional tips or questions that have or have not worked for you! Feel free to leave your comments below on on our Accent Professional Recruiting facebook page.