Overqualified? Take Another Look…

Kerry, a tenured sales executive, was actively looking for a new sales position and wanted our help.  She explained, “…hiring managers keep turning me away, explaining I’m “over qualified.”  She had been searching on her own for months and turned to Accent Professional Recruiting for help.  Kerry has over 20 years of outside sales experience in a very competitive industry.

Kerry and I sat down and reviewed her resume. We discussed her successes and career goals.  After 2 short months, Kerry was offered a sales position with a fantastic organization via the services of Accent Professional Recruiting.  How did this happen so quickly? Let us share with you how we turned an “overqualified” individual to a happily employed inovdividual.

We provided her potential employer the following advantages in considering this sales candidate:

  • contacts and relationships they could leverage
  • minimal training
  • no ramp up; can hit the ground running!
  • credibility
  • average tenure of a seasoned employee is greater
  • Remember to be patient and keep an open mind, as the possibilities are endless!!