Does Your Recruiter Keep You Informed When Looking for Your New Job

As recruiters, we often hear of people’s frustrations with the job interview process. And, often times, their frustration lies with the lack of follow up or feedback provided by recruiters after an interview.

Candidates are left with a million questions (and rightly so) like:

  • What feedback did they give you about my interview?
  • Did they feel I am qualified for the position?
  • Are they still considering me for the position?
  • When are they making a decision?
  • How many others are they seeing?

From a Recruiter’s Perspective

For a recruiter, following up with each and every candidate on each and every interview can be extremely overwhelmingly, not to mention time consuming. It takes time and good planning to keep track of all the candidates’ interviews and it can take multiple efforts to contact the interviewer each time someone interviews to gain feedback.

Expectations of a Recruiter

However, recruiters need to provide feedback and you, as a candidate should expect useful and timely information on each and every interview.

Keep in mind that for privacy purposes some companies may not want to provide the recruiter detailed information on the interview. But at the very least you should be told whether you are moving forward in the process or still within consideration.

Your recruiter represents “the face” of the company and they should ensure they represent their organization with the upmost professionalism. Remember, even though you are the candidate, you need to evaluate them as a company to ensure they are helpful in finding you your next big position.

Perhaps it was said best in the following quote “We need to put the human back in human resources.”

Don’t forget, recruiters should treat you, the candidate, the way they would want to be treated if they were in the job market themselves.


By Christina Burton