Should I Put My Picture On My Resume?

interview-134x122Creating a compelling résumé is one of the most challenging aspects of the job search. Ideally, your résumé can be tailored to each job to which you’re applying and should be no longer than one page.

Many people inquire about whether or not they should include a photo with their résumé when sending in application. Experts have long claimed that there’s a hard and fast rule not to include a photo on your résumé. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the reasons why you’ve been told not to include a picture, and also some of the new advice counteracting that.

Unless the job for which you’re applying specifically asks for your picture, it’s often best not to include it. Photos actually put potential employers in an awkward legal spot, and in most cases experts say that they’ll choose to throw your résumé away in order to avoid any issues that may arise.

Submitting a picture along with your résumé has often been cited as something that causes glitches in ATS (Applicant Tracking System), a résumé scanning technology. While this is entirely possible, photos aren’t the only thing that can crash those systems; logos and other designs can also cause malfunctions. As long as your résumé is simple and not too crowded, a photo shouldn’t be an issue for the system.

Including a picture is often cited as unprofessional and naïve. It can seem a little overzealous. More to the point, in this age of technology potential employers are perfectly capable of viewing your social media profiles and seeing the pictures that are public on those profiles. Many employers check LinkedIn profiles as well as the more informal social networking sites, and they will easily be able to view your picture from those sites.

So should you include a photo with your résumé? While the rules aren’t quite so cut and dry anymore, it’s still better to ere on the side of caution. Allow your résumé and your qualifications to stand out by themselves, without a photo. If and when potential employers check social media sites, they can view appropriate pictures there.