The ABCs of Sales

iStock_000011075682Whether you are making sales calls or interviewing for a new career in sales, it is best to remember your ABC’s: Always Be Courteous.

You may not make a sale this week, this month, or this year with a particular prospect, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever close a sale with that person or company. You may just reconnect with them later on and close the largest sale in your career!

It’s important not to write a prospect off just because they aren’t working with you on your timetable. And, even if you don’t end up closing a sale with them at a later date, you never know who their connections are, whether they will know other, great prospects, and how this could affect you.

The same “always be courteous” idea also goes for interviews; you may not make it to the next step in a particular interview process, or the opportunity may not be the right fit at this point in your career, but it’s still important to always be courteous as you never know when you may get called back for a future role with the same company or hiring manager. By always being courteous, you also increase your network of positive connections; maybe the person who interviewed you doesn’t think you’re right for that job, but has connections with another company who have a perfect sale position for you. Always being courteous means you don’t burn any bridges.

By maintaining a positive impression, you are much more likely to be recommended for a future opportunity at some point in your sales career, whether it’s in closing a sale or finding a job.