The Importance of Keeping Your Interview Dates

interviewInProgDo you think rescheduling your sales interview will have an effect on the sales manager’s consideration of you? Absolutely! First impressions are a large part of the hiring process and, when you have to reschedule, a first impression has been made before you have even met anyone.

A client recently shared his concern about making an offer to his sales candidate. The candidate had cancelled his final interview due to a family emergency. The concern escalated to how much work would be missed due to family circumstances.

This is in no way trying to minimize true emergencies, but how many times do you think companies have heard “family emergency” as an excuse for not coming to work, or to a job interview, or to an important meeting? Sadly, this is by far one of the most overused excuses. In the case above, by the time the candidate’s interview was rescheduled (after his family emergency), another candidate had already been interviewed by the sales manager and was ultimately hired.

Unless completely necessary, do not make any changes to what you have already agreed upon. Have a backup plan in place in case anything unexpected should arise. Your meeting will better help you make an educated decision as to whether the sales role and company are the right fit for you.