The job market today looks different than it did a year ago. Whether you’re a candidate seeking new employment or an employer looking for your next great hire, having the right recruitment specialist by your side can help you find your perfect match.

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Industry Fit
Recruitment agencies and specialists are not a one-size-serves-all solution. Generally, job recruiters specialize in a specific industry or even a particular discipline. Just as you would not go to an ENT Specialist for a broken arm, it wouldn’t be a good fit to approach a sales recruitment firm for an accounting role. Specialization allows recruiters to develop a keen understanding of how best to match talent with open positions. Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to fill a position, make sure you do your homework to pick the right recruiting partner to meet your niche and needs.

Innovative Approach
We shared in a recent blog how the needs and expectations of hiring managers have evolved right along with what candidates are looking for since the start of COVID-19. With so many companies able to continue remote-work scenarios, candidates are able to expand their geographical search. This translates to a larger pool of candidates for employers, as well as a more crowded competition pool for the candidates themselves. A recruiting specialist can work with employers to optimize their job ad and pursue creative marketing strategies to ensure their job posting is seen and the most qualified individuals are sought out for interview. If you’re a candidate, a recruiting specialist can help make sure your resume shines and that you are on the radar for current and even future positions client companies may be hiring for.

Making a Connection
One of the things we focus on at Accent Professional Recruiting is making a connection with our clients and candidates. If we take the time to learn more and build a relationship, it means we’ll be even better equipped to do our match-making work in the future. It’s not just about filling a job, it’s about helping our clients grow their businesses and enabling our candidates to further their careers. It’s not just business. It’s personal. We are passionate about what we do and recognize the trust placed in us to make the magic happen.