Top LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable resources for job seekers, and it can greatly increase your hire-ability! These days, recruiters actively use LinkedIn by searching keywords for a job opening they’re looking to fill. A LinkedIn profile is more than just an online resume, it’s a professional profile of who you are and what you’ve accomplished in your career. If you are actively seeking a job, follow our LinkedIn tips to ensure recruiters find you!

  1. Utilize the Summary Space

This is your space to get personal and stand out. Highlight your passions, career interests, and goals. Not only does your profile suddenly become more personable, but also more interesting! Appropriate length of your summary should be roughly 3-4 short paragraphs, bulleted lists are also recommended.

  1. Your Profile is Not Your Resume, It’s an Enhancement

Though you should treat your profile like a resume, a LinkedIn profile allows you to expand upon who you are as a person and not just a job candidate. Your profile should include nearly everything that is on your resume, including: skills, languages, past work experiences, education, etc. Your LinkedIn profile allows for you to enhance what is already on your resume by highlighting specific awards you’ve received, projects you’ve worked on, courses you’ve taken at school, people who influence you, volunteer experiences you participate in, and more! Use these categories to your advantage and allow the recruiter to see who you really are as a person.

  1. Give Endorsements, Get Endorsements

One professional feature about LinkedIn is endorsements. A recruiter can ask you if you’re proficient in Microsoft Excel, but seeing +20 people endorsed you for the skill really showcases to a recruiter that you know your stuff. Take the time to endorse others and they are likely to endorse you back.

These simple tips can help you stand out to a recruiter on LinkedIn. Really putting time and effort into your profile will get you noticed and help you showcase your experience, passions and what you are looking for. Remember, at the end of the day it’s all about showcasing who you are to the professional world and having a robust LinkedIn profile will help you in your active job search!