Use a Brag Book to Land that Perfect Job [Part 2]


First you will need a three ring binder or sales pitch book broken out into sections for each sales position that you have held.  Then you will need to gather all of the data to include in these sections.

For those of us that save everything, this is an easy task; however, it might take some digging/phone calls for others.  You want as much tangible evidence as possible.  You might also want to highlight points on each page that you insert to make it easier to read for the hiring manager.


Always, always, always have your brag book with you and refer to it when discussing your past successes.  Remember to practice using your brag book and know where all of the information is located.  It’s not a good idea to fumble around looking for things when you are trying to impress.

Also, please keep in mind some things are overkill.  For example, I have a candidate that took every plaque and trophy he had received to an interview and laid them out on the conference room table. Unfortunately, the employer did not move forward with him!

Word to the wise, play it by ear and if they interviewer seems interested then keeping bragging otherwise sometimes less is more.  The brag book should be used a support tool but don’t rely on it to answer the interviewers questions.

Do you use a brag book?

Tell us about it and how it helped in your job search!