What Interview Questions are Appropriate for Hiring Managers

interview-300x200While most sales and marketing hiring managers know the do’s and don’ts of questioning through the job interview process, some walk a fine line.

Hiring managers should consult with their HR (Human Resources) prior to interviewing the candidate to ensure all questions are appropriate and legal.

If you do not have an HR department to consult with, err on the side of caution. Rather than asking specific personal questions, explain the nature of the available position and ask the candidate if they have any questions.

Ask what may prevent the sales or marketing candidate from fulfilling the obligations of the job. For example, “what would prevent you from 50% overnight travel?” instead of asking whether the candidate is married, has children, or can’t drive.

Do NOT ask about: race, religion, age, marriage, sexual orientation, marital status, weight, or anything personal. It is best to stick with the job role and responsibilities and let the candidate do the talking.

Again, it’s always wise to be careful about how you ask candidates questions. Do your research and be prepared – just like when you were a candidate!