What’s the Difference Between a Staffing Company and a Recruiting Firm?

staffing-companyJust because you answer an advertisement for job application for a certain position doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re responding to the company that seeks a new employee: it’s possible that you’re in fact answering an ad placed by staffing or recruitment firm.

How to Select a Recruiter

Staffing companies typically help companies fill temporary or part-time needs while recruiting firms search for more permanent, full time employees.

A staffing company might fill lower-level positions such as clerks, administrative assistants, or short-term temping positions. Recruiting firms, on the other hand, tend to search for individuals to fill higher-level positions, even those on the management or executive levels.

Job seekers do not need to pay a fee when they apply for a position through either a recruiting or staffing firm, but these companies are paid by the businesses seeking employees.

Different firms use different recruiting techniques. Recruitment firms often market specifically to appropriate websites and industry literature based on the positions they seek to fill. However, because staffing firms tend to keep a bank of workers with a variety of skill sets, they may advertise looking for employees with certain skills even if a job is not immediately available. In addition, staffing firms typically require applicants to provide an application in addition to the standard resume and cover letter.

Once hired at a staffing company, there is generally a skills test to determine your proficiency in certain programs. A company looking for temporary employees will let the staffing firm know what level of skill they’re looking for and the firm will send qualified temporary employees – there’s no need to interview with the hiring company.

Conversely, recruitment companies may search for candidates for other companies, even conducting several rounds of interviews, but final candidates for those types of positions will interview with the hiring company’s representatives.

We hope that helps clear things up for you!

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