What’s the New Job Search Secret?

social-media-216x157Social Media – That’s right! According to Under30Careers, 37% of employers currently use social media to research candidates and more will continue to do so in the future. Recruiters and hiring managers are relying on social media to pursue candidate résumés and cover letters. Here are four sites that can help with your next career move. Are you on – and active on – each of them?

LinkedIn – Often touted as the professional social networking site, LinkedIn is most used by hiring managers and recruiters. You can increase the likelihood that it will help you in your job search by filling in your profile completely, asking for recommendations from former bosses (and giving recommendations), having friends/co-workers endorse your skills, and remembering to keep all your pictures professional.

Facebook – Though this is mainly a social tool, do not overlook that recruiters, hiring managers, and current employers are likely to check out your Facebook page. In order to ensure that your Facebook is a help, not a hindrance, in your job search, make sure to conscientiously set your privacy settings and remember that anything you write or upload on to the site can be tracked!

Twitter – Many of us use Twitter as a personal way to follow friends. However, make sure to create a professional account if you are following a company or a potential employer. Following companies and employers will help you follow the trends of those companies and possibly open discussions with a potential employer.

About.me – This a quick glimpse at who you are and your social connections. Add a professional picture, an attention-seeking headline, write a memorable paragraph about your background and include social networks you are on.