Why All Recruitment Agencies are Not Created Equal

iStock_000011075682There is a wide variety of specialty job recruiters out there. Some recruiting firms specialize in accounting, others in sales and marketing. Yet others recruiters handle only labor or general staffing roles. Just as you would not go to an ENT Specialist for a broken arm, you should not approach a sales recruitment firm for an accounting role.

I was speaking with a new Accent client today. He mentioned his prior conversation with a job recruiter who passed on the opportunity to assist him in filling his available Sales position. The recruiter stated it was ‘too difficult’ for him to fill the position. My response to our new client was that his open sales position was most likely outside of the area of specialty for this particular recruiter.

Whether you are a sales candidate seeking a new career opportunity, or an employer seeking to fill a sales position, you should be sure to look for the recruiter that specializes in your particular discipline.

For example, if you are searching the internet for a sales position or a company that specializes in sales recruitment, conduct your search around the following key words: sales, recruiter, employment agency.

Similarly, if you are an accountant seeking the same, you would use key words like accounting, recruiter or employment agency. This will narrow your search considerably and direct you to the right recruiter that specializes in your field or discipline.