interviewInProgWhy Effective Communication is Essential in the Sales Interview

Effective Communication Through the Interview Process Having exemplary communication throughout the interview process consists of: arriving on time for the interview, following-up post interview, and having an open line of communication available after the interview (in the event of a job offer or scheduling a second interview).  Poor communication can lead to frustration on the hiring managers’ end, or even disaster when it comes to landing your dream job. Here are three ways having an ineffective line of communication while in the interview process can hurt your chances of moving forward with a company.

1. Forcing a hiring manager or recruiter to wait for your response or communication may leave them with feelings of doubt when it comes to your sincerity and true interest in the position applied for.

2. A breakdown in communication between you and the interviewer can reflect negatively on your professionalism. It may leave the hiring manager wondering if your lack of communication represents how their customers would be treated, should you be offered the position.

3. A lack of communication throughout the interview process could also make you more easily forgotten when your peers and other prospective interviewees follow-up with management. The job market is competitive, and not keeping an effective line of communication could truly hurt you chances of landing your next career!

Sometimes, a delay in communication is truly unavoidable but it’s important to make every effort to provide follow up in a timely manner!