Why Job Training is So Important

job-training_315977126It is crucial for any new employee to receive training upon hire.

It doesn’t need to be a formalized week long classroom situation.  It can simply be one-on-one training with your new boss, shadowing a successful rep in another territory, webinars or all of the above.

You may be familiar with the product line and your territory; however, company culture and policies & procedures will be different.


When I was hired by my last employer, a global textile manufacturer, I asked to travel with one of top reps in the country so I could emulate their successes. In addition, I worked one-on-one with my Sales Manager in my territory.

I was also provided sales goals and expectations for the year.  I wanted to know what it would require to reach those goals.  At that point, I then set my own goals at a much higher expectation.  As a result, I became number one in sales for my company.


pave the road to success for your new hires.  Set the expectations from the beginning and provide the necessary tools and training.

After all, your employees are the face of the company and their success is your success!