Why Pay Recruiter Fees?

iStock_000009497011This is a question that comes up occasionally, so we at Accent Professional Recruiting felt it time to explain to both clients and candidates the purpose or recruitment fees.

We are in a service oriented business that operates much like the real estate industry.  There are no service fees incurred until there is a successful sale.  In our case, this does not transpire until a job candidate is successfully hired by our client.

The job recruiter fees charged stem from a variety of services provided.

  • We assist client with job descriptions
  • We coach candidates throughout the interview process from initial interview through offer & acceptance
  • We provide knowledge in our industry
  • We work with contacts, networking, sourcing,
  • We handle screening, interviewing
  • We help check references
  • We help with interview prepping
  • We assist and advise regarding offers/counter-offer negotiation
  • And we debrief both parties on what’s happening

This is time that cannot be recovered.

There are no guarantees that we will successfully place the candidate with the client.  After all, our greatest competitor is our client.  At any given time, our client may hire a referral or status of the role could change. There could be a hiring freeze or someone could be promoted from within.  There are many scenarios which we have no control over.

I want to point out that the most important reason a company would consider paying a recruitment fee is that our role as Recruiter is to find the best talent available before the client has a need.

We are not just posting on job boards, seeking only those candidates that are actively looking.  We are reaching potential candidates that are not looking, yet would be interested in hearing about a role that is potentially better than where they are now.  There is no way a company can be pro-active in this regard.

This is our job… we live and breathe recruiting and we love it!