Whether it’s words in marketing materials, on your website or on your resumé, the words you choose are critical to ensuring you get your reader’s attention quickly. Especially when it comes to a resume, you want a hiring manager to sense your ability to make an impact in that first 5 seconds they’re scanning the page, and according to resume experts at Harvard, the best chance of doing that is using “power” words – words that are strong, confident and actionable.

Accent Recruiting | Words Are Powerful — two women talking in interview

Think about it, if you needed to hire a new employee, would you be more drawn to a resume where someone simply lists the things they were responsible for or one where someone notes how they directed, managed, collaborated and delivered?  

Here are a few recommendations we’ve offered our candidate clients when putting together a strong resume:

  • Instead of “started,” opt for “launched, implemented or pioneered.”
  •  Instead of “team player,” consider including examples where you “contributed, collaborated or integrated.”
  • When talking about something you improved, position it as “advanced, enhanced or maximized.”
  • If you have experience problem solving, be clear how you “assessed, identified and redesigned.”

Our world is noisy and competition in the age of expanded remote work opportunities is fierce. Choose words that tell an even bigger story and convey your drive, potential and passion.